Not going to update the site for a while, since I am curently not playing


I’m most likely gonna quit the game entirely, since I haven’t logged in for a few weeks, and it doens’t look like I will in the future.


To be fair, I love NWO, but I don’t love what I would describe as developer laziness. The story, the style, the combat system, the character system and a lot of other things are amazing. But it feels like they hired a huge load of people to create the game and then left some random unpaid intern in charge. Now their resources are spent elsewhere and we are stuck with something that could have been awesome, but has ended up half-arsed.


I feel that Cryptic and PerfectWorld has failed us players massively. Mainly in the following areas:

  1. Bugs, and a lot of them. The game has more bugs than all the Starship Troopers movies added together. On top of that, it apparently takes a while to fix them – like our MH set bonus bug, which was “fixed” by changing the tooltip.
  2. Exploits. I’m a strict non-exploiter and I’ve left a large amount of PUGs when people have used serious glitches or exploits. I just don’t want to play a game where the majority of the playerbase has exploited their way to items.
  3. They have no idea what the classes are like. PW and Cryptic has been completely oblivious to what the classes need. Clerics still wear blues to survive in PvP, and most people I’ve spoken with of various classes, claim that the “expansion” item sets are too rubbish to use. ArPen on the only healer class? Yea, that’s a good idea, if you’ll let us spec DPS and sign up in the LFG system as DPS. But that’s not possible, as there’s no one else to heal.
  4. Expansion? That’s wasn’t an “expansion” – it was, at best, “a content patch”. The dungeon was great, I liked the bosses. But of course there were major opportunities to exploit it, and people did that. Is it that hard to make invisible walls around the boss area, so people cannot rejoin the fight after they died? I guess it is.
  5. BoE. Every goddamn thing is BoE. If you haven’t spent all your diamonds while leveling, you will have enough to buy a full tier 2 set (not MH, but 2 piece of 2 sets), and you’ll hit gs 9k. What a huge challenge. Where’s the dungeon grinding and hoping that a certain item will drop?
  6. The future looks sad. I cannot imagine that the game will continue to recruit new players, and maybe the playerbase is already in decline. If Fury of the Feywild was their take on an expansion, there’s not gonna be a whole lot of content in the future. I was hoping for 8-10 man raid-style dungeons, but I don’t think we will ever get that. Especially not with half the player base lagging when bosses summon more than 10 adds.


Sorry for the ranting, but I had to get it out somewhere.


- Troodee


PS: If the game changes a lot, and I still haven’t started playing again, I will take down the site so it doesn’t give out a lot of false information.

Healing Action Feat and Healing Word or Bastion of Health


Updated Aug. 24th


I’ve done some testing with Healing Action at 0 – 3 points to see how it actually works and how much benefit we gain from it.


Basically the feat only adds a very small amount of Action Points. It’s pretty much as useless Domain Synergy and almost as cruddy as Initiate of the Faith. Considering it only works with healing spells, it’s even worse.


Tested with 20 Charisma, 2920 Recovery using Healing Word. The only feat points added are the ones in Healing Action.

HW cast 0 points 1 point 2 points 3 points
1 8 8 8 8
2 16 16 16 17
3 24 25 25 25
4 32 33 33 33
5 41 41 41 41
6 49 49 49 49
7 57 57 57 58
8 65 66 66 66
9 73 74 74 75
10 81 82 82 83
11 89 90 90 91
12 97 98 98 99



Item Looks


Derida12 has done some excellent work collecting images from almost all our items.


Check out her thread on the official forum.



Daily Quest Reset Times


The the expansion, the daily quests are more useful than previous, and therefore the reset time is nice to know.


The daily quests reset at:

3 AM Pacific Time

11 AM Greenwich Mean Time


Here’s a map with reset time in different time zones (click to open a full size version):




Fury of the Feywild – Salvage System and Rewards


The Fury of the Feywild expansion will hit in 6 days, and with it, we are introduced to a salvage item system. This system will allow players to salvage level 60 epic quality gear for rough astral diamonds.


To salvage, you need to find a salavage station. The one in Protector’s Enclave is in the main market square with all the emblem vendors (enter from the side when coming from the AH, turn right after entering and you’ll see it). Go next to the station and right click a level 60 epic quality item in your inventory – you’ll now have the option to “salvage” it, and can see how many diamonds you’ll get if you choose to do so.


The prices on the test server is as follows:


Item type Tier one (e.g. Unicorn) Tier two (e.g. Drake)
Weapon 5,000 10,000
Off-hander 4,000 8,000
Ring/neck/waist 3,000 6,000
Arms/feet/head 4,000 8,000
Chest 5,000 10,000

Read more about the salvage system in this official thread.


If these prices will be the same on the live server, you can almost double your money by buying epics on the AH now and salvaging them in a week. But remember that you will get rouch diamonds, so you can only convert 24,000 per character per day.


The most profitable items I’ve seen so far are:

Item Test Sever Salvage price Auction House price
Dark Armor of Lolth 10,000 4,000 – 5,500
Beacon of Faith’s Armor 10,000 4,500 – 6,500
Grand Templar’s Armor 10,000 4,500 – 6,500
Magelord’s Tunic 10,000 4,500 – 6,500

Note: I’ve only checked the AH a handful of times. Both times I got a handful of items for 4,500 to 5,500 and then there was loads of items for 6,500. Buying at 6,500 will still give you a profit of 3,500 diamonds. Pretty ok. Dark Armor of Lolth was always the cheapest item – got get some!


Tier Two (T2) Set Comparison



I’ve made a comparison of the Miracle Healer set, Prophet Champion set and the combination of two of the tier two sets.


Check out the full page here.


Miracle Healer Prophet Champion Grand Templar (armor and other)
Beacon of Faith (2 non-armor pieces)
1772 Recovery
1047 Power
1322 Critical Strike
1772 Recovery
1322 Power
1047 Life Steal
1167 Recovery
1772 Power
1652 Critical Strike
Free healing
on ecounters
5% extra healing
25% extra DP


New T2 PvP Set, Prophet Champion – is it any good?


UPDATE: The Prophet Champion set has been fixed, and noe correctly grants 25% extra Divine Power.


The Prophet Champion is a T2 PvP set instead of the regular T1 set.

The stats are not all that great since all items has life steal instead of critical strike as their secondary stat, and life steal is not really as cool as it sounds. However, the 4 piece bonus is pretty swell. It grants you 25% increased Divine Power generation and 5% bonus to healing.

If you were to equip to pieces of two tier 2 sets, which is the cheapers option, you would trade in the four pieces bonus and 1047 life steal for 1497 stat points. If you take two pieces of the two cheapest tier 2 sets, it adds up like below. The power stats will be the same, so they have been excluded.


Prophet Champion:

1322 Recovery
1047 Life Steal


Grand Temple armor and one other piece, 2 pieces of Beacon of Faith:

1167 recovery
1202 critical strike


With Prophet Champion you therefore get 1047 life steal, 155 recovery and the awesome 4 piece bonus, but you miss out on 1202 critical strike.


The lose of 1047 stat points sounds like much, but at higher gear scores, the diminishing returns of critical strike and recovery is so huge that it might be ok to sacrifice it. At 10-12k gear score, it might only mean a loss of 4-5% crit chance for the pretty awesome 4 piece bonus. Hmm…


Life Steal

The life steal on the tier one set is 779, which gives us 6.4% damage healed. I assume the tier two set’s life steal of 1047 gives about 8% damage stolen as health. A pretty ok amount of survivability.


Tier Two Armor Sets

There are three tier two armor sets, where all have two main stats, a secondary and some defense. Compared to the tier one set, you get a little improvement in the two main stats (25 for armor) and a rather large improvement in the secondary stat (91 for armor). Besides that, you get more than a 50% improvement in defense (120 for armor).

Armor pieces’ main stats: 452
Armor pieces’ secondary stat: 357
Armor pieces’ defense: 330

Helmet, Gloves, Boots pieces’ main stats: 290
Helmet, Gloves, Boots pieces’ secondary stat: 230
Helmet, Gloves, Boots pieces’ defense: 220

Set name Main stats Secondary stat 2 piece set bonus 4 piece set bonus
Miracle Healer Recovery
Critical Strike
Power +450 Recovery Your encounter powers cause your allies to heal for 5% of your total maximum hit points.
Beacon of Faith Power
Critical Strike +450 Power Your healing powers have a 15% chance to grant 900 Recovery and Critical Strike for a short period. Has a 45 sec cooldown.
Grand Templar Power
Critical Strike
Recovery +450 Critical Strike Your encounter powers have a 35% chance to grant you and your allies 450 Power and Critical. 45 sec cooldown.
Prophet Champion Power
Life Steal +450 Recovery You gain Divine Power 25% faster and 5% extra healing.



Can’t see crafting list, only rare recipes appear


I keep getting this bug, and apparently so does a lot of other people. Basically your crafting list only shows the rare recipes and not your normal ones.


The crafting list will appear again on its own, it does not appear on logging out and logging in.


It sometimes goes away if you finish a task. So if you can rush one, you might be lucky and get your list back.

New Paragon Path


There’s abeen quite a few posts on the forum about this. It looks like our new paragon path is going to be the Divine Oracle. Below are the new powers and the ones they replace.

Power Type Divine Oracle
Anointed Action Passive After using a daily power, you temporarily deal increased damage, and reduce incoming damage.
Anointed Armor Passive Anoint your armor with powerful blessings, increasing your AC.
Anointed Holy Symbol Passive Using Divinity powered Encounter abilities now grants Temporary Hit Points to nearby allies.
Blessing of Battle At Will As you prepare to strike your target, you bless nearby allies and yourself with a minor defensive prayer that reduces incoming damage.
Exaltation Encounter You bless target ally and yourself with ancient blessings, Healing both of you and then temporarily granting increased damage, and reduced incoming damage.
Divinity: When first cast, both you and your target are briefly immune to damage, and have Regeneration while the buff is active.
Anointed Army Daily Divine brilliance burns your foes and grants your allies blessings that once warded the armies of the gods. While blessed, allies take very little damage, are immune to control effects, and have greatly increased power.
These blessings are removed early when a recipient is damage, and when removed, they bestow a small amount of Temporary Hit Points to their holder.

Divine Oracle Powers (present paragon)

The Devoted Cleric paragon powers are:

Passives: Foresight, Terrifying Insight, Prophetic Action
At Will: Brand of the Sun
Encounter: Prophecy of Doom
Daily: Hammer of Fate



It looks promising to me, but it’s hard to tell what will be useful considering the lack of numbers on the defensive abilities, and without seeing the feat tree.

The only ability I would have a hard time giving up is Foresight, but if the new paragon dailies (passives) can match it, it would be fun to try out.


Stone of Earth, stat companion?


Just a quick heads up.


The first expansion is coming out soon (August 22nd), and lately PWE has been sending out offers to buy a Knight of the Feywild pack with a bunch of stuff in it for $60. On of the items that looks quite interesting at first glance is the Stone of Earth as one might think it’s an account wide non-combat pet like the two other stones or the cat.


But Stone of Earth is not a stat/non-combat pet. It is a neck slot item, which supposedly provide the wearer with deflection and defense – and maybe some armor class.


So it’s no good for us.


User “Alignments” posted this image on the official forum in this thread:

stone of earth is a neck item

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