Cleric Guide for Healing with the Devoted Cleric

This cleric guide focuses on my own experience through the game as well as what I can read on the forums and similar websites. It’s mainly my own investigations and opinions, so feel free to disagree. If you have any specific questions, pop a comment at the bottom.


Cleric Guide Content

Where are my healing spells?

Divine Power

Your Role in a Dungeon or Skirmish Group

The Aggro Magnet that is the Devoted Cleric

Loot Etiquette in PUGs

The Fastest Way to Level Up

Exchanging Astral Diamonds to Gold and Vise Versa


Level 10 to 19

Level 20 to 34

Level 35 to 49

Level 50 and forth


Cleric Guide for the Devoted Cleric in Neverwinter Online

“Where are my healing spells?”

As a Devoted Cleric in Neverwinter Online, you only have a few actual healing spells, and your most important one is not available before level 50. This seems very different from other MMOs, but the main thing to remember is the amount of healing potions you use in Neverwinter. In the lower level dungeons, you don’t actually need to heal anyone – people should not take more damage than what their potions can heal them. That being said, you should of course still use all the AoE healing effects you can muster up.

When questing, just equip all the damage powers you can find. Searing Light is great to put a point in, and if boosted, it deals out a small AoE from each target hit. That means that if you hit 4 targets standing closely together, each of the targets will AoE the other targets ending up in massive AoE damage. Other than that, Sun Burst and Daunting Light should get you through most problems. Just remember that you might not want to spend more than a single point in abilities such as Searing Light since you might rarely use them in endgame and a power respec costs 600 zen (which translates to 200,000 – 300,000 astral diamonds).


Divine Power

You quickly get access to your TAB power, which is Divine Power. We use that for channeling Soothing Light or Punishing Light, or to boost our Encounter powers. The latter is the most useful as both Soothing and Punishing Light have pretty low effect considering the time it takes to channel and the amount of Divine Power spent.

To the left side of the HUB (mid-screen interface) there’s an arc bar, which is your Divine Power. The plus signs (pips) on the left shows how many full stacks you have build up. One boosted encounter spell requires a full stack.

You build up Divine Power by damaging enemies. Either with your at will powers or your encounter powers. Therefore a power like Sun Burst with a base cooldown of as little as 10 seconds and a fairly good radius becomes vital in building up Divine Power. You do not build up Divine Power while using encounters or at wills in Divine Mode.

The trick is to estimate how many stacks you can build up and time it with your encounters comming off cooldown. E.g. if you are level 50+ you will want to always have a full stack when your Astral Shield is ready to be recast, if you are level 30-49 you will probably want to constantly boost your Forgemaster’s Flame or Bastion of Health. At levels below 30 the only real boost you can do is to your Healing Word. This is still a massive boost, but it doesn’t require any specific timing.


Your Role in a Dungeon or Skirmish Group as a Devoted Cleric Healer

Your main role in groups is to apply AoE healing and defense to your allies. Other than that, you should be sure to keep building up your Divine Power with your at will powers and encounters, and be sure to debuff mobs with your Astral Shield at will power.

Soothing Light at level 10 is hard to use in PvE as you need to target an ally to heal them, and in dungeons people are most often bundled up. It is also a vacuum for your Divine Power; mainly because it’s extremly expensive compared to the healing in it, but also because you won’t be able to spam your at wills to generate divine power while channeling. Basically, Soothing Light is only used in very few situations and even rarely in PvP.

The only direct healing power that I would advise you to use i Healing Word. I still sometime use this in end-game dungeons, and it’s great for using extra Divine Power stacks for some direct healing.


The Aggro Magnet that is the Devoted Cleric

Even with the best tank, you will gain aggro. The key part of a controlled fight is to have your control wizard and/or great weapon fighter nuke down and control the adds. If it gets out of hand, the rogue should be helping out as well. This is, of course, not the case in all fights, but that’s the basic system of the classes. Your role in this is to put out your AoE healing/damage abilities and to dodge whatever you can. Remember that it’s hard for someone else to safe you if you run around like a headless chicken. I find that standing on top of a wizard usually makes it much easier for him/her to help me out.

Sometimes you are in a group where no one is helping you, and by the middle of a boss fight, you are kiting around a horde of mobs wanting to break your legs. In this case, you either need to explain to people that they need to help you out, or you need to simply deal with it however you best can. If I end up in a PUG that ignores my troubles, I will most likely end up running/sliding around while casting Daunting Light and Sun Burst trying to huild up enough Divine Power to keep casting boosted healing spells (Astral Shield at level 50+).


Loot Etiquette in PUGs

Loot rules or loot etiquette in random dungeons groups (PUGs or Pick Up Groups) is always a bit random, but in general I’ve found the following to fit most PUGs I’ve run with.

While leveling most players will press need on any green they can equip, and since most equipable blues will be an upgrade, most players also press need on those.

In endgame dungeons, most people will only roll need on an item that is a certain upgrade. On the rare occasion that an unidentified blue drops, people mostly roll need if it’s equipable.

Craftin mats and enchanting stones/rones are up for grabs and most players roll need on all of them.

Most players pass on all unidentified green level 60 items, since these are not worth the diamonds that an identify scroll cost. You pay 125 diamonds for an identify scroll and the green level 60 items will vendor for 10.13 silver. You can always find blue level 60 items on the auction house for 200 – 400 diamonds, which vendors for 34.18 silver. In comparison the green level 60 items will cost you 1234 diamonds per 1 gold. The blue level 60 items will cost you 878 diamonds per 1 gold.


The Fastest Way to Level Up

I’ve found that the fastest level is to simply do the quests, especially since the Froundry experience gain was hit with the nerf bat. Dungeons are long and does not yield any overly exciding gain. You usually end up spending a good half hour in a single run and all you get is the same amount that 1 – 2 quests would give you. Skirmishes does not really give you any decent experience either. PvP grants you a pretty big experience reward, but it requires you to be able to keep up the spirit when being one shotted by rogues until you get Astral Shield at level 50.


Exchanging Astral Diamonds to Gold and Vise Versa

Sometimes you’ll be in a situation where you have some astral diamonds, but lack gold; e.g. when you hit level 20 and want to purchase a mount. The easiest way to “convert” astral diamonds to gold is to buy level 18 – 40 blue items from the auction house and vendor them. The prices vary a lot, but you can normally buy items that sells for 6.5 – 12.5 silver for 50 – 200 astral diamonds, which gives you about 1 gold for every 800 – 1,000 astral diamonds.

To transform gold into astral diamonds is a bit more difficult. You can either buy items from players spamming the zone chat and sell it on the auction house, or you can buy the 2g companions and 5g mounts from vendors and put those on the auction house.

You can use the cheap prices of level 18 – 40 blues to get cheap gold and then use that gold to buy companions that you sell on the auction house. Even with the massive price drop in companions, you can still make a decent profit. The only downside is that the mail system is really annoying to use.



At level 16 you gain a quest to get a free companion, where you can choose between two striker (dps) companions, a healer companion and a tank companion (man-at-arms). I mostly ran with my dog Squabbles, but found that Bob my hired man-at-arms were better at the one-person instances you get into while questing. You can buy a companion for 2 gold pieces at the Grand Emporium at any time (also before level 16). It’s a good idea to have at least two companions, so when one is being trained after having received enough experience points to level up, you can use the other.

At level 60 you might want to replace your companion, since the ones you can get from the gold vendor is of common quality meaning they can only level up to level 15. For every increase in quality, a companion can level up 5 more levels:

Common (white): 15
Uncommons (green): 20
Rare (blue): 25
Epic (purple): 30

The two cheapest companions are the Jagged Dancing Blade (rare quality dps companion) bought for 14,000 glory points and the Phoera (epic quality dps companion) found in Nightmare lockboxes. Both can be bought at the auction house.


Level 10 to 19

From level 10 to 20 you can use Sun Burst and Healing Word to heal your allies. Sun Burst is a really good Encounter and many level 60 builds use it. So no harm in ranking that one up to three when you can. Healing Word is pretty nifty as well, and I sometimes use it in endgame when I go pure healing. Hallowed Ground may not seem very good at lower levels, but once you have reached level 50 and have put 5 points into the Moon Touched paragon feat, it is absolutely amazing. So if you feel that you have points to spare, putting them in Hallowed Ground doesn’t hurt.


Level 20 to 34

At level 20 you gain access to Sacred Flame and Daunting Light. Sacred Flame should be used as your main At Will power and Daunting Light will be your best damage Encounter from this point on. At level 30 you gain access to Forgemaster’s Flame and Forsight. Forgemaster’s Flame is a great Encounter to use with Divine Power as the AoE heal it pulses out from the mob you cast it on is pretty large at that level – especially compared to the lack of other healing abilities. Forsight is great later on, but not worth it until you spec in it (tier two feat in the Faithful paragon tree).


Level 35 to 49

At level 35, you gain access to Bastion of Health. Even though many people use Sun Burst instead, Bastion of Health has the advantage that the AoE is not centred on you and that it heals for more. However, it does not deal any damage, which means it will not build up Divine Power unless you also use Divine Fortune as one of your passive powers.

At level 40 you gain access to the Divine Armor daily, which is better than Hallowed Ground until you can put 5 points in Moon Touched at level 50. Therefore, I would advise against putting points into Divine Armor as I see Hallowed Ground as much better at level 50+, although some people might disagree.


Level 50 and forth

At level 50 you gain access to our core encounter – Astral Shield. This encounter should be used as the first encounter at all pulls and kept up as much as possible. Even though the duration was nerfed from 15 seconds to 10 seconds, it’s still – by far – our best encounter. Cast it when it’s ready, and always in divine mode.



As with all other guide, this cleric guide is an expression of my own opinions and thoughts on the class. So as stated above, feel free to disagree, and – if you so feel – smack a comment below. Also, check the official class forum for further guides on the Devoted Cleric, or to push some questions at the community.



  • enricaas (2 years)

    ty so much for your guide. There are plenty of precious informations.
    More, the way you realized your guide is so well done that it’s always a pleasure to visit your site and reading something in it.
    I just started playing a DC in Dragon, I’m sorry I can’t give you a feedback for now.
    Best regards.

    • Troodee (2 years)

      Hi Enrica,

      Thanks for the comment. I’m playing at Dragon as well, so feel free to contact me.

      Have fun,

  • tangar (2 years)


    Thank you for a interesting webpage!

    I’m also cleric and I’m making videos of my adventures. Its in russian language, but may be you would be interested… and may be you could give me an advice ;)

    There is playlist of my NWO videos:


    Kind regards,

  • Anonymous (2 years)

    i think that all the info you have here is awesome, i would like to see something similar for a dps DC if you’ve ever tried to put one together, do you know of any good ones? if not would you be interested in putting together a spec for one yourself? i think with your expertise i think it would be as awesome as what you have already done. keep up the good work :D
    TC HF

    • Troodee (2 years)

      Hi, thanks for the comment.

      I’ve been toying around with the idea, but the feats we have available for DPS is pretty limited. I assume the Virtuous tree is supposed to be our “DPS” tree, but except for three talents, it’s not much focused on boosting our damage.

      The only real dps talents we have is:

      Templar’s Domain (tier 4 heroic feat)
      Focused Poise (tier 3 Virtuous paragon tree)
      Diciple of Divine Lore (tier 4 Virtuous paragon tree)
      Cycle of Change (Virtuous end talent)

      Speccing for DPS would be fun, but PUG’ing would become pretty rough :)

  • Anonymous (2 years)

    love your site. it would rock if you could share your insight more into the choice of companions. i’ve read/heard a lot about stat pets vs. the regular kind and am unsure which is really best.

    • Troodee (2 years)


      Stat pets are definately better than other pets. The regular pets die quickly and while they’re alive, they don’t help out that much.

      I’ll write a short updated page about end game pets.

      • Anonymous (2 years)

        Oh, and about the message I just left about the DC statistics, the 2×2 panel plot I generated clearly indicates the asymptote of diminishing returns you talk about on your stats page.

  • Anonymous (2 years)

    Thanks for the quick reply. Oh, also, I took the statistical data for DC ~ power/crit/arp/rcvy and ran it through the R Statistical Computation package to plot out panels in relation to themselves (I find it easier to compare that way). I’m also going to run a more detailed statistical analysis (I’m a Computational Statistician Scientist in my day job ;) over the data to see if I can add any further insights to the great effort you’ve started. I couldn’t help note that POWER is linear while RECOVERY is remarkably close to a Response Curve. Maybe I’ll generate some analysis of central tendencies and summaries or quartile ranges with best-fit models or analysis of variance. If you use the R package, I’m glad to share my code with you. I quickly put the first-pass plots up at
    if you want to take a peek.

    Thanks again for the site!

    • Troodee (2 years)

      Great graphs, Gian. Way more precise than mine.

      Basically I’ve only plotted in 10-15 results by toying around with gear and buffs (primarily pots and linked spirit) to get the 4-5k results. I haven’t put in a real graph or even tried to calculate the formula, so it’s not that precise :)

      Nice to see results from Arpen as well. It might not have a lot of diminishing returns, but it has a hard cap at 21-22% (can’t remember right now). I guess we hit that at 2,000 stat points or so?

      • Anonymous (2 years)

        Hey, thanks! I’ve included an extended measure of the central tendency of the data set I’m using so you (and your readers) might be able to better draw their own conclusions, if liked. I have several new plots of the data that elucidate the data trends with respect to the internal game mechanic but I have yet to export them to PNG.

        For your question re: ARP here are the three data points I have the surround your percentage of 21-22%:

        ARP % Rating
        ——— ———–
        22.9 2362
        21.9 2212
        20.7 2053

        So, you were pretty much right on with your estimate. I don’t have data much beyond stacking 2.4k in ARP, but a tentative analysis of the asymptote would indicate that it has a limit in that area.

        What server do you play on, if I can ask? I miss playing with fun, mature, intelligent players besides my brother and a friend. :) I’m still a nub tho, so ;)

        If you continue your analysis or want to work on some stuff together and haven’t heard from me in a while (I have a bad habit of losing web pages), hit me up here:
        jamesbl at math dot colorado dot edu


        • Troodee (2 years)

          Ah nice, thanks for calculating the arpen. It’s handy for DPS clerics, which I really want to try at some points.

          Playing on the Dragon shard/server without a guild just pugging and playing with people on the friends list. If you’re on the Dragon shard, gimme a holla :)

          • Gian (2 years)

            Excellent, I’ll be interested in seeing how you spec out your DPS build. I’m just finally getting the hang of healing in groups. Very challenging mechanic at times to wrap my head around (you mean i have to do *damage* to do *healing*??). :)

            I updated my quick DC stats page with a brief general discussion of the normality of the data as well as statistical tests and plots of random deviates from a normal distribution ran against the gathered stat data (and I explain why).

            Ah, I was hoping you’d be on Beholder! Who knows, maybe after I hit 60 I’ll roll another char. I’m really grooving on getting that cat pet in the near future. :)

  • Tymore (2 years)

    thanks bunches, for a noob this site rocks now I feel I can adjust my noob build to what it should be now that I’m lvl 60 LOL, maybe we can hook up for some fun and pointers on Dragon sometime

  • Decorius (2 years)

    Watch out as the balancing changes have changed some of the priorities, and not all the recommendations in this article are still recommended.

  • Heleen (2 years)

    This guide should have been called “A Bunch of Stuff I Know and a Couple of Things About Healing with a Cleric.”

    • Anonymous (1 year)

      Maybe you should look at the complete website before putting your foot in your mouth.

  • Gus (11 months)

    Sorry for the amount of questions:
    1. Break the spirit and Divine Glow, are they worth the points?
    2. I’m playing in a party almost everyday, I want to go for a more healer-type of cleric, what would you recommend?
    2.5. What path should I take?

  • s4ndm4n2006 (11 months)

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