Tier 2 Sets Compared


Usually people either go for the Miracle Healer set or two pieces of two other sets. I’ve used two different combinations below.

2 GT, 2 BF is Grand Templar armor, random Grand Templar piece and two random Beacon of Faith pieces. 2 MH, 2 GT is Mircale Healer armor, random Miracle Healer piece and two random Grand Templar pieces.


Miracle Healer Prophet Champion 2 GT, 2 BF 2 MH, 2 GT
1772 Recovery
1047 Power
1322 Critical Strike
1772 Recovery
1322 Power
1047 Life Steal
1167 Recovery
1772 Power
1652 Critical Strike
1652 Recovery
1167 Power
1772 Critical Strike

A table to make it easier to see how the sets compare to each other:

Miracle Healer Prophet Champion 2 GT, 2 BF 2 MH, 2 GT
Critical Strike
Life Steal
4 pieces
Free healing 5% extra healing
25% extra DP


Prophet Champion

Compared to the Grand Templar and Beacon of Faith combination, you pay 1497 stat points for the 4 piece bonus. But even though 1497 stat points sounds massive, it becomes less and less as you level up your stat pool (gear score). With a stone, rank 6-7 enchantments and general tier 2 equipment, the 1497 stat points equates to about 3-4% critical hit chance.

So you give up 3-4% crit chance for 5% larger healing and 25% extra Divine Power.

This is especially a nice bonus if you run a build where you don’t generate a lot of Divine Power. If you are using Righteous Rage og Tempus and Brand of the Sun, then the Prophet Champion set might be overkill.


Miracle Healer

The Miracle Healer set is still the winner in my book. 5% of your total hit points healed every time you use an encounter is just way better than 450 stat points – especially when you go above 10-11k gear score.

It’s been buggy since launch and probably still is even though they “fixed” the tool tip, but I’ll still choose it over the combination and Prophet Champion.



  • PE HEALER (2 years)

    Can I assume then that if my gear score is less than 11k that I would still be better off with the 2 piece GT and 2 piece BF set? Also in PVP where the bonus from your companion isn’t available, what is your recommendation?

    • Troodee (2 years)

      I would say that if you’re hitting 3k crit/recovery, then you’re better off with the miracle healer set.

      For PvP, I would either go for a full-nuke build or buy some blue regeneration and defense items loaded with extra hit points. Nuke builds can be fun, but it requires a lot of gear changes and a respec. Blue regeneration and defense items are really cheap (like 500 to 5k diamonds per piece).

      After reading this thread, I leveled up a dwarf cleric, specced her in constitution and equipped her with blue regeneration items. She now has 2.200 defense, 29k hit points and 12+ regeneration. It’s the only way to survive the first few seconds of an encounter with a wizard or rogue.

      For a nuke build, I mostly specced in the top paragon path and bought some armor penetration items. It was fun, but with the lack of control or defensive skills compared to wizards and rogues, we are extremly easy to kill.

  • Bill (2 years)

    Im using a combo of 2GT/2BF/Ancient symbol-Icon some ancient rings(Tanking ones HP-def-dfl) and the rest control+stone.Atm im around 12.5gs with stats 5700 power 3100 crit and 3600 rec with 1800 def and 26.4k hp.
    I still have to enchant gear with rank 7+ enchants but i see a major difference in GS(stats) from full MH+ancient wep-icon clerics with simillar gear and i cant really see how the 4 set bonus from mh gonna recover the loss of stats.

    • Troodee (2 years)

      You lose 450 stats by going from 2 pieces of 2 sets to 4 pieces of Miracle Healer. Of course those 450 stat points equate to a bit more when adding % buffs, but it’s still not that much, in my opinion.

      I’ve seen a lot of endgame clerics go for 2 pieces of two sets, and when I change from MH to 2GT/2BF, I honostly don’t notice any huge difference. Theoretically, I’ll prefer to have the MH 4 piece bonus as the diminishing returns we suffer from are pretty rough.

      If you see the forum discussions, people will swear to both MH and GT/BF.

  • Yukuai (2 years)

    First of all thanks for this site: very useful informations and everything is supported by examples, table and tests that make everything easy to understand :P

    I’m a noob of MMORPG so it’s possibile that I’ll write tons of dumbness :P

    I’m running a DC cleric (healing only, with linked spirit build) and atm I’m very happy of this char: in every dungeon I played no one die and only few potions was consumed :P

    Now I’m at 52 and I think that in this week I’ll reach the 60th level so I’m looking forward to understand which items I’ve to use. I’m going to the 4MH set but I’ve got some questions:
    - MH has got 5 pieces, we’ve to use all 5 or only 4? If only 4 pieces they’re armor and other 3 pieces: the 3 pieces would be specific or random? (example: I’ve to get gaunt-helm-greaves or it’s the same taking 3 other pieces?)
    - It’s good to have MH + Ancient set?

    Thanks in advance

    • Troodee (2 years)

      Hi. Thanks for the kind remarks, glad you like the site and your character!

      The tier sets all have 4 different pieces. The 5th piece is an improved version of the gloves for the sets.

      Miracle Healer is my favourite set, but as you’ve probably seen, many people swear to using 2 pieces of 2 sets, which will trade in the 4 piece bonus for 450 stat points. When you hit 60, wants to go for MH, but are low on cash, you could buy two of the cheaper MH pieces and 2 pieces of another set until you get enough cash to get the full MH set.

      MH + Ancient weapon/offhand set is the top gear at the moment, in my opinion.

      The Fury of the Feywild weapons doesn’t look like they’re going to outmatch the ancient weapons. But who knows, maybe they’ll put in a tier 3 weapon set :)

      The Fury of the Feywild armor set is a bit dodgy. It has a higher stat pool, and the 4 piece bonus sounds nice – but it has armor penetration on it. To me, it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be an upgrade from MH. Maybe a sidegrade at best.

      • Yukuai (2 years)

        Thanks for the reply.
        So my first target it’s to get some 2MH/2Other to allow me doing dungeon rush.

        I write it down :P

        Keep this site alive and updated!
        I love your work :D

  • Solist (2 years)

    I got the 4 piece Feywild set and I can personally say it’s pretty lackluster. I went back to the MH set. I can get the CD to proc in protectors enclave with a single sunburst. This makes me think that once three targets have the heal it hits cd. If that’s the case seems like the MH set blows it out of the water with it’s ability.

    • Troodee (2 years)

      Thanks for the info.

      The 4 piece bonus sounds nice, but the ArPen is just a bit silly and only really useful in easy dungeons or when fighting trash.

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