Devoted Cleric Stat Priorities

We have three main stats to prioritize between and one survival stat:

Power – increases the bonus to healing and damage with 1 for every 25 stat points.

Critical strike - increase the chance to gain a critical hit/heal.

Recovery – decrease the cooldowns of your encounters.

Defense and Maximum hit points- a dead healer doesn’t heal, increases your survivability. There’s a little discussion on which one is better, but the general thought is that defense is the prefered stat.

Life steal and Deflection are low priority survival stats, none of them are as beneficial as defense or maximum hit points.


Stat Priority

Critical Strike is our absolutely best stat to improve the amount of healing done in average. However, it has a nasty diminishing return, which means that it quickly becomes very expensive. Recovery has a large diminishing return as well, but not as nasty as critical strike. Power has no diminishing return.

In contraty to what most people will try to tell you, we have no hard of soft cap on any of our stats.

The following is not an absolute and should only be followed loosely. E.g. when is says Power > Crit > Recovery, you shouldn’t stack purely power. Instead, you should maybe stack 2 power for each crit or recovery.

2,500+ Critical Strike 2,500+ Recovery Stat priority
No No Crit / Recovery > Power
No Yes Crit > Power > Recovery
Yes No Recovery > Power > Power
Yes Yes Power > Cirt / Recovery

2,500 is what I’ve aimed for as an overall stat value, since this is where I find the diminishing return to be pretty nasty. You could easily increase this number depending on your spec and play style. Want more action points? Stack more recovery. Using Righteous Rage of Tempus to gain extra Divine Power on crits? Get more critical strike.



At level 60 we gain one point of bonus damage/healing for every 25 power we have. There is no diminishing return on the power stat, which makes it scale better than crit and recovery.



Critical hits and healing is alway nice and with Neverwinter giving us so many small heals instead of larger direct healing, crit is pretty reliable. It has a rather nasty diminishing return, though.



Crit vs Power – raw healing numbers

At lower gear scores, crit is much better than power. But because of diminishing returns, power becomes better at higher gear scores. So when is it smart to stack power?

Above I’ve estimated that it happens around 2,500 critical strike, but it’s only a loose estimate. I’ve done some calculation on the tool tip of Sun Burst, Healing Word and Sacred Flame.

Below is the “break even” point for critical strike, critical strike with vorpal enchant (adds 12% crit severity in lesser form) and power. This is the point where adding 400 stat points of anything grants you a boost of 1.5% to your healing numbers.

Stat points Stat points added
for next 1.5% bonus
Power 4,000 400
Critical Strike, 75% CS (default) 1,825 400
Critical Strike, 87% CS (Vorpal) 2,200 400

This shows that at 4,000 power and 1,825 crit rating, the stats are equally good in terms of raw bonuses for Sun Burst, Healing Word and Sacred Flame.

If you run with the Righteous Rage of Tempus feat, crit becomes more important, of course.

Repurpose soul should not be taken into account as it might proc more often with higher crit, but it will proc small numbers without the power to boost it.


  • Dave (2 years)

    I’m a cleric with a GS around 10,300. I made it a goal to keep my Recovery and Critical stats around 2500, as per the stat priority above. I think I have over 4k power (I’m using the Beacon of Faith set). I was told that my Recovery was too low. I mentioned about the diminishing returns being around 2500 but that didn’t seem to matter. Should we focus on Recovery a bit more? Is there something they know? The discussion came about because of a run in Castle Never.

    Thank you for a great site with very useful information.

    • Troodee (2 years)

      Hi Dave,

      There really isn’t a right or wrong. If you like spamming a lot of Holy Grounds or Divine Armors, you could go for a high recovery. If you prefer bigger healing numbers, you should stick to crit and power.

      2,500 is on the lower side, but I wouldn’t say “too little”. At 10,300 gs and 2,500 crit/recoery, the stats are pretty even, in my opinion. And from that point, I would say that power begins to add more to your healing output than crit or recovery.

      At 2,500 you still gain a decent benefit from adding recovery or crit, but the diminishing returns starts being nasty.

      If you plan on getting a stat pet (stone or cat), you will see your recovery and crit skyrocket and probably go beyong 3,500 – 4,000 where the benefit of those stats are really low. So if that’s your plan, don’t bother putting too many recovery or crit enchantments in your current gear.

  • Dave (2 years)

    Thank you Troodee. I didn’t even consider the pet. I’ve been running with my dire wolf for so long, I never gave it a second thought. I will give that a shot and see how it goes. Thanks again for taking the time to answer my question.

  • Yukuai (2 years)

    Atm I’ve got:
    1715 critical
    2594 recovery
    3544 power

    My cat adds me ~1000 critical and ~400 recovery.

    at this point a question: it’s a good idea to use tier 5 runestone in a T1 set?
    Or it’s better wait a T2 set till using runestones?

    • Troodee (2 years)

      It depends on your cash flow, I guess. If you don’t have a lot of money, just use rank 4 enchantments and save the rank 5+ enchantments until you get the armor you want. Or you could use cheap rank 5 enchantments in your T1 (crit and recovery is pretty cheap).

      You can replace enchantments in an item without having to pay to unslot the enchantment already in the item. Just click “enchant” on an item and drag a new enchantment ontop of the other one.

      • Yukuai (2 years)

        Ty for the answer.
        Another one: I’m using the linked spirit build (full healing build) and I see that I can manage to keep alive the entire group in alot of situations but I see that when I aggro adds in boss fight it can be really hard for me to survive. I’ve got only 1200 on defence and I don’t have so much item that grant a +hp bonus: do you think that it’s a good idea to improve defence?
        How much is a good amount: 2500?

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